Lu capasone (The great jug)

The “capasone” is a huge container, made for keeping and fermenting wine’s must. In order to produce it, people used a particular kind of clay, called “argilla col nervo”, that was pull out from Grottaglie’s mines. This clay allowed people to produce large-sized objects. Unfortunately today is really expensive to pull it out, so “capasoni” are not produced anymore.                                                                                                                 This artifact was crafted in two different parts, a lower and an upper one, then joined by a mix of clay and a lot of water, called “barbottina”. Handles are attached only at the end.

“Capasone” then and now

Originally the “capasone” was an essential need, used for wine preservation.                                                      Over the years it became a valuable and ornamental object. Now some people put plants and flowers in it.


Written by:

Albano Nicola                                                                                                                              Palmieri Natasha                                                                                                                        Pappadà Raffaella                                                                                                                    Piergianni Annachiara                                                                                                              Quaranta Serena                                                                                                                        Spagnulo Caterina